Tuesday, October 13, 2015

At the sinking side of the luck curve again

I'm in a whirlpool now, ready to get tornado away!

I got cuts under 2 of my fingernails in a month (gross), my finger is bruised when my resistant band snapped and send hand to hit the table edge (knn).

Part of the result from the hectic life.

My brother is getting married the day after my birthday. (What)

And for the past weeks I had been receiving last minute orders everywhere! Running errands almost every weekend.

  • need to do layout for some invitation, quite simple though
  • need to go around looking for stickers, wrappers, candles etc
  • research for buffet spread
  • pack the house
  • paint the house

Fortunately found my dress at last, before all the orders pour in.

Then my preggy sister is preparing for labour, confinement period free slave on stand-by, especially now have got a 2yo niece to attend to too. Very sticky to mummy some more, can't imagine if this get worse.

Then my stiff butt set back in.

Exams in preparation.

Poor weather, poor sleep, not only haze, its so damn hot too!

My house is also in preparation for renovation after the wedding.


Ugh, I don't think I want to go through wedding ceremony in future, too old for it also.

Just ranting and trying to release some steam


Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Autumn Girl is going to have Autumn this year

Saw the news of this event, I'm so touched and opened up my dry cabinet, took my precious GX1 and companions out, clean them, blow out every bit of dust particle.
And telling them a story, 3 years ago.

I was down, stress and not quite happy, exams were hard, and have to do crazy loads of stock takes.

I spent quite a lot of time on Youtube, browsing for my hobbies and came across a channel doing reviews for cameras. They were putting a Canon DSLR to test, rolling it down stairs, freezing and setting it ablaze, and it still work despite of its charred body.

But no I'm not buying that crazy bulk and rocket high priced lenses.

I browsed through and they did this new interchangeable lens camera yet very much smaller in size then DSLR, they call it the Micro 4/3s. And this Panasonic one they reviewing have a touch screen focus! So convenient like handphone.

 As a tech geek, I read through it and did research online, I decided to love it.

  • I can't afford a Leica
  • Olympus one is more expensive
  • It's price is about a third of that gigantic DSLR and so are the size

But still I can't bear to part with $1000 plus.

And then I went back looking at the photos of my last trip to Taiwan, and felt so down.
The chrysanthemum photos were quite badly taken.

I went TW that previous winter, but it wasn't all winter more of end of autumn. We were on the train down to Hualien and the kind-hearted local strike a convo with us and ended up recommending us to visit 士林官邸 saying they were holding 菊花展, my eyes brightened.

And as the planner for the trip I secretly start to reschedule the plan and hope to have time to visit it. But it was already end autumn, the displays had been there for about 3 weeks.
And it rained buckets the day before our visit, a lot have shed.
I still have quite a few better taken ones, but my favourites are the white ones, which are mostly over exposed or off focus .

I'm an Autumn person,

  • I like Autumn fashion, layering yet not dumpling
  • favourite colour - maroon
  • and my favourite flower blooms in autumn

Everyone who heard me say I love chrysanthemum can't understand why, some even joked saying it was offered to the dead.

Never mind, I won't blame them, because Chrysanthemums are gentlemen among flowers, no need to debate with you ignorant people.

They choose to bloom in autumn and not fight its glory in the spring, they come in many forms, colours and some look exotic.
I really love the white one, but its the only clear photo I got of it.

SO I MADE UP MY MIND TO PURCHASE THAT MICRO 4/3 THAT GREAT SINGAPORE SALE. Hope the time will come again where I can see them Chrysanthemum soon. My GX1 who served me SO WELL these 3 years, we are going to fulfill that greatest mission this year!

I have no doubt of its ability, and I had visited the Flower Dome 3 times, taken photos of 2 Garden Festivals.
I'm very happy with the photos it capture, crisp clear and not over exposed even if it is white.

I'm just worried about the arrangement of the exhibit, whether I can get close enough to them.
Dear Chrysanthemums, let us meet again!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas everyone!

It's the year I have to bid farewell to Middle Earth and I still can't get over it.

Seriously hope someone will continue bringing us back! A spinoff, a super extended version, ANYTHING, with the same casts of course.

Finally got mesmerized by an elf, the King himself. During Lord of the Rings, it was Gollum, the truth. And my interest in archery started in Middle Earth, not Pandem, even though I'm not Legolas's fan.

Anyway, was too busy to with celebrations and gatherings thus the lateness.

Clearing the den, making crafts, catching the movie, and also mending the recurring butt ache!

Sat too long for the studies, it was improving and suddenly it changes again. So it is also part of the reason why I can't update earlier, even now I'm risking getting the cramps while updating! Appreciate this.

The King (PC) is getting all @#$^$ again, hanging things for no reason, drew the 2 pics like 3 times! Cuz it just shut down, even when I took precaution in saving, it saved in some secret location that cannot be found. Don't know if I should wipe it, could be the hardware problems.

AWWW, the year is coming to an end and I am not enjoying enough! A long list of plans, but no time to do it. -_- Year end blues.

Lets hope I will be able to churn posts fast enough.

Oh yes, studies will continue through the 30, so expect breaks again and again.

Thank you for your continual support.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I find it hard

To multi task!

The brains needs ample blank time to generate ideas, creativity and lameness. Simply put, I need to be bored.

I have got topics, but I can't focus on producing.

Study..... it's killing all my cells yet the entry to the brain is so much lesser then the cells killed.

My brains must have got fermented into tofu already.

Should be back mid-dec again.

Sunday, September 07, 2014







曾经真看过坐下的人,用 ipad 看戏,站着的人手里大包小包,被推挤就多次不小心遮到 ipad。坐着的那个人不仅没关心,还无礼的大力推开那些东西。




我也不想再遇到这种下流鬼,但我要知道我可以怎么做 。



下次再说,用 ipad 拍照的人,都一样讨厌。




Sunday, August 31, 2014


拖延 update 的理由很多。




4。图的 composition 一直不满意,改了千遍




上个月跟 max5 约见,去大名鼎鼎的火锅店,享受一下“上流”招待。等空位的时候在店外有小桌吃点零食,就在那里闲聊。


在后面的两位,就来个“龟兔为奸” 把它给藏起来了。






Saturday, August 16, 2014

Been long since the last rant post

Because it's getting on my nerves.

We are having a h now at home temporarily, but it is not doing what a h should do.

Well yeah h didn't sign with us, but hell, f-ing using our resources n not returning the favour. Like a trash around the house.

Been too kind, n so I feel no more next time.

I had my share of hs last time, n I really think this time sucks, which I used to be a lil happy about it.

N now there is the tech +50 hate. The list is too long to write everything.

Ironically the local blockbuster was shown at the same time n I'm just rolling my eyes out of my socket.

Maybe it's the origin? There was a saying that the m are usually less hardworking.

Even the niece doesn't like it.

All is all n I just hope this temporary term ends soon and quick. Or NOW.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

这变身术 太棒了!

话说那古时代 A 级片已被鄙人暂时搁置




以下的照片只能给 “村里的好大哥” 这种评价吧。
 photo 1.jpg

 photo 1.jpg
奴家本来就是吸血鬼奴 (除那位一直喘大气的英国少鬼之外)
当然眼线也是,死穴 死穴 死穴!







 photo 1.jpg


Sunday, August 03, 2014

Visiting Marina Barrage

7/20 Went to the barrage for a long overdue sun appointment.

No adventure will be an adventure without hiccups, to alight after Satay by the Bay means to press the bell immediately after Gardens by the Bay.

The bus stop is just 1m after the Satay by the Bay sign board, and it is the last bus stop before it loop back.

We trekked 15mins under the scorching sun resulting in unbalance sun burnt, I had a bad burnt on the left side where the sun was rising.

Which made me hoped I had worn the iconic blazer.


We were quite early and choped the shaded area under the shelter.

We have to have food.
So we potluck!

Food overload as usual, have to bring some of them back.

Then we did some sport, to fly kite like every Singaporean when they visit. But the kite TF prepared is a special kind that is hard to lift.

Mission Kite Flying : FAIL

So we do photo shoot!

Brought the tripod and the remote, idea was to play DIY photo booth. But they are not the creative lot and by this time we were getting surrounded and squeezy with the teenager neighbours, we were outnumbered.
BAAAAMMM, Lingee didn't hold high enough.

BAAAAAMMM, Lingee pass, but got photo bombed.

Take 3, impossible, as everyone had already lost control.
So what say we let Photoshop save the day.

The best reason for owning a tripod.

Mission Photo Booth: Satisfy

What is a barrage by the way?

It is our dam, and some water purification system, to produce NEWater.
Found a family having 2 kites similar to ours, and thought we could observe them and learn to fly, but they didn't succeed either.

The barrage is the latest hotspot for kite flying, which I don't understand why, it is usually cramp with the evening crowd. Maybe it was because before development, this area had always been the top kite flying spot as it was a vast land of grass.

Most people also choose to have their photos taken here, Graduation photos, Bridal photos, Family photos. Well, this area is like the most expensive patch of reclaim land in Singapore.

I should have flown the dragonfly that day when our kite didn't fly, like my parents did when they were young.

(As if you dare to catch one.....)
This eagle was the most successful kite that morning, though it did land a lot of times too.

We thought it was a real eagle at the beginning and we were secretly observing it by ourselves, forgot what made us open up and finally realised it is a kite.

Lastly we have our desserts!

Cakes for the July babies.
Weather was too hot and some cupcakes tasted weird already.

Instead of waiting for "autumn" to return,
why not we arm ourselves with water guns for a fight instead?

Haha, anyone game?